The Silent Treatment
Tongue Training device.

a life changing opportunity

We believe in achieving the best possible sleep through simple and effective sleep apnea solutions. Our patented designs were created with the humble notion that a snoring solution should directly treat the main cause of sleep and breathing disruption, and that the solution should be both effective and easy to use. This is why we focused our attention on the tongue and created a way for you to train your tongue and jaw to remain in the correct and natural positions that we achieve during wakeful periods in order to better rest, breathe and rejuvenate when we sleep. Contact us for severe sleep apnea treatment in NZ. Our sleep apnea snoring mouthpiece designs were created to ease our sleep struggles. We have made sleeping devices & sleeping gadgets that are affordable & comfortable

ST-1 The Silent Treatment Original Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Mouthpiece

$62.00 USD

ST-2 The Silent Treatment Universal Fit Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Device

$48.00 USD


Meet Michael and Shelley Rowarth and discover more about our journey to creating great sleep.


Our sleep apnea snoring mouthpiece designs were created not only to ease our sleep struggles but to address Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) which can be a lethal condition. Sleepless nights, breathing difficulties caused by the lapse of the tongue, and other OSA events can be a thing of the past with our expertly created tongue training device.

The Silent Treatment devices leverage unique and effective design functionalities that offer complete yet gentle control over the tongue position during sleep. Unlike other snoring solutions and products, The Silent Treatment mouthpiece device should be able to help a wide spectrum of possible consumers, from light snorers to severe OSA sufferers. 

We have created a product that is affordable, effective, and comfortable – it just works, and that is what we want for our clients: an easy way to get a great night’s sleep.

Quality Sleep, Harmonious Life


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Our patented sleep apnea solutions were created not only with extensive research, iterations of design, and product enhancement procedures, but it was created with heart and passion to solve a problem we ourselves had to face. We want everyone to benefit from a great night’s sleep!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am writing to let you know that your little gem of a mouth piece works! I have tried everything else on the market and this is the only one that doesn’t yank your jaw forward, or put strain on your teeth in a cumbersome mouth guard, and works, It holds the tongue down, which is the cause of all this stress at night on one’s heart and lungs…..I don’t wake up every morning just happy to have made it through the night, as I used to. I don’t gasp for air in my sleep or wake up with my heart racing , nor do I fear going to sleep any more. It has given me peace of mind that I will wake in the morning. I think it will become my best friend….”

“Truly amazing product that has changed my life & health! I have been using ST-2 device for 4 nights & couldn’t be happier-I now sleep straight through the night , eliminating all the CPAP side effects. Finding you has been a dream come true. I have lots of dental issues so I could not use any type of Mandibular device, and the fit/ feel is great!”
“I retired from a 40+ year career as a Respiratory Practitioner. Many of the diagnostics for OSA seemed, to me, to be excessive. Since I had a great deal of knowledge about airway management, I felt I did not need to put myself through the testing process, much of which is monitored by questionably trained personnel. I researched your product after watching the video on your website and much of what was presented was in line with my training. I received the device yesterday, followed easy directions for fitting the device, and used it last night. It worked exactly as described……I awoke this morning well rested the first time in many years. My wife said she did not hear me snore or have an apnoea episode…..Thank you, I look forward to a more normal life and I will share this great product with colleagues and friends. Your product, in my opinion, is a true breakthrough for treating OSA and snoring.”
“…thanks for your quick reply. After using the mouthpiece without incident of drool or any real difficulty falling asleep, I awoke refreshed. I am very hopeful of my first restful sleep in years without my $$$$$ CPAP machine.”
“I have been able to work with your mouth guard and I HAVE FOUND RESTFUL sleep with it. Thank you so very much! You have been responsive immediately with any concerns I have had. Your staff members are courteous and take good notes. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It is a joy to wake up rested and restored.”
“….very happy that this clever device worked very quickly and with minimum of discomfort. As a psychologist I already understood the muscle memory concept in ‘programming’ the motor cortex of the brain, but have experienced this in action. It really is true that once the tongue remembers to stay forward one would only need to use the device now and then.”
“I received the ST-2 on Monday and have used it for two nights now. It works much, much better for me, than the ST-1. I will probably be using the ST-2 long term. Thank you for your help with this! I was sound asleep when my alarm went off this morning. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I usually wake up early and anxious and stay tired throughout the day. I feel great today! I will be likely to order again in the future and/or recommend your product to a friend.”
“Just wanted to say thanks for making an affordable tool in the war against snoring.
My father is a horrific snorer and I followed in his footsteps, earning the nickname ‘chainsaw law’….
I still use a cpap device as it helps me track my apneas, but once I clipped the wings off the ST-2 we were away laughing. I discovered that using a mouthguard/cpap combo stopped the bloating side effect of swallowing air all night long, only prob was the mouth guards kept falling apart…. Appreciate your time and energy”
“Listen, this is the only thing that’s worked for me, so far. Sleep apnea
can be very scary. The Silent Treatment ST-2 device is keeping me safe each
night. It is a godsend”

“….what a gem of a device!!! It actually works….it is comfortable, it
does actually hold the tongue forward, it maintains an open airway and
stopped my snoring which in turn has cured my obstructive sleep apnoea
which I had been diagnosed with. I was looking at buying a very expensive
CPAP machine so when I saw your device I thought I would try it but I had
grave doubts it could possibly work. I can’t believe this device is not
more well known. It is brilliant.
Congratulations and thank you. ”